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Look east, and you’ll find a treasure in the city of Ambon. From the remnants of colonial heritage to the flourishing urban lifestyle, the capital of Maluku Province welcomes you to experience Ambon manise.

Located on the Ambon Island, part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia, the city boasts an area of 775 sq km (299 sq mi), standing on a mountainous terrain that is well watered and fertile. Ambon has an international airport, and is home to the Pattimura University, Universitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku and Universitas Darussalam.

Today, Ambon is a multicultural hub and home to many ethnicities, with population totaling 330,000 (2010 statistics). It is also home to Arab, Chinese and European migrants who first made their way East in the 7th century. With a bustling economy that puts it on the national investment map, Maluku and its capital are ready to excell.


"Manageably small yet offering plenty of contrasts, Maluku’s most prominent island is lush and gently mountainous, indented with two great hoops of bay. Close to Kota Ambon, the main town, villages merge into a long suburban ribbon but further out light sparkles brilliantly through alluring flower gardens and swaying tropical foliage. Religiously divided, the island was the epicentre of the 1999–2002 troubles. But recovery has been amazingly swift. Don’t be fooled by old reports of dangers or civil unrest: Ambon is back in business and is now the ideal hub for visiting some of Indonesia’s most delightful yet utterly undiscovered gems: the Lease, Banda and Kei Islands."