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Natsepa Beach | Savor the best rujak (fresh fruit with spicy peanut sauce) ever at the locals’ favorite beach, and mingle with the friendly crowd.

St. Francis Xavier Statue at Batumeja | The statue pays homage to the one of the earliest Catholic missionaries who came to Indonesia.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Statue | Enjoy the best view of the city from the top of Karang Panjang hills, and get to know the history of its people through one of their most beloved female heroes.

Siwa Lima Museum | Take a look at Maluku’s best collection of arts and colonial artifacts.

Waai sacred eels | Get a glimpse of the large eels at the village of Waai, believed to be sacred by locals.

Pintu Kota | Enjoy the magnificent view of the giant cliff facing the Banda Sea, known as a local landmark and is a favorite setting for photographers.